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Agent of change in mobility

Profilium is a privately held company based in Montreal, Canada. Our focus is to develop wireless infrastructure solutions for a range of location-based services that enhance the mobile lifestyle and generate substantial revenues for wireless carriers and vertical markets.

Profilium has been at the forefront of delivering location-based services (LBS) and innovations since 1999, helping to power some of today’s most compelling business and consumer centric mobile applications.

Profilium has grown from a small group of developers to a multi-disciplinary team of experts with backgrounds in business, government services, mobile telecommunications, programming, marketing, advertising and design.

Profilium builds technology solutions that are innovative and relevant to people’s lives in the real world. Profilium’s solutions and services deliver value-added wireless capabilities reshaping and redefining the mobile lifestyle.

Profilium provides mobile solutions, working hand-in-hand with customers to realize their full potential and creating truly innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Profilium is an agent of change in mobility, facilitating interaction between the mobile industry, users and marketers alike. Profilium’s mobile lifestyle solutions empower users, mobile network operators, content providers and government agencies and departments.